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Sea buckthorn wine

Sea buckthorn wine

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Sea buckthorn wine ingredients

  1. Sea buckthorn berries 9 kilograms
  2. Sugar 3 kilograms
  3. Water 3 liters
  • Main ingredients: Sea buckthorn, Sugar


Container, gauze, pusher or blender, water seal, wooden stick.

Making sea buckthorn wine:

Step 1: prepare the berries.

Sea buckthorn must not be washed before making wine, and if the berries are very dirty, then they just need to be wiped with a towel or paper towels.
Then mash the sea buckthorn with a crush or grind in a blender. Pour the pulp with water and add 1 kg Sahara.
Cover the container with gauze berries and put everything in a warm and dark place to roam 2-3 days. Every 6-8 hours mix the contents of the container with a long wooden stick and lower the pop-up pulp to the bottom.
After 18-24 hours an orange foam will appear on the surface. It must be removed several (3-4) times a day.

Step 2: filter the wine.

After a few days, filter the wine by passing it through a dense cheesecloth, folded several times. Squeeze the cake well and remove it.
Pour the wine into the bottle and close it with a lid with a water lock (a simple punctured medical glove will do too). And do not fill the container more than 2/3 to leave room for fermentation.
Leave the wine still on 5-6 days In the same place.

Step 3: leave sea buckthorn wine to go.

After the specified time, open the wine, drain 500 millilitersdilute in this amount 1 kg sugar and send everything back to the bottle. Close the wine with a water seal, and add the remaining sugar through 5-6 days in exactly the same way. After leaving everything to roam.
Fermentation goes around 1-2 monthsbut if it lasts longer 1,5 months, then the wine must be poured into a clean container to remove sediment.
You will understand that the drink was fermented by a fallen glove or a gas seal that stopped bubbling.
After fermentation, you will need to remove the oil from the surface of the wine, and pour sea buckthorn wine through a plastic tube into a clean bottle. Now fill the container to the top, close it tightly and send to ripen in a cool place. After half a year, approximately, you will see that the wine brightens. But, of course, it will be possible to drink it earlier, in 3-4 months.

Step 4: serve sea buckthorn wine.

Store the finished wine in a cool dark place, serve chilled to the table. Sea buckthorn wine is a delicious drink with a delicate aroma, I recommend it for a feast.
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- Before clogging the wine, you can add sugar or alcohol to it to taste. But if you add sugar, the fermentation process will continue, so close the container with wine accordingly.


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