Ham and Cheese Tomatoes

Ham and Cheese Tomatoes

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Ingredients for Cooking Tomatoes Stuffed with Ham and Cheese

  1. Fresh tomatoes 4-6 pieces
  2. Hard cheese 100 grams
  3. Ham 70 grams
  4. Salt to taste
  5. Ground black pepper to taste
  6. Vegetable oil optional
  • Main ingredients: Ham, Tomato, Cheese
  • Portion2-3
  • World Cuisine


Heat-resistant baking sheet, grater, kitchen knife, cutting board, tea spoon, deep plate, disposable paper towels, tablespoon, kitchen potholders for hot.

Cooking tomatoes stuffed with ham and cheese:

Step 1: prepare the tomatoes.

First, rinse the tomatoes thoroughly, thoroughly brushing off any adhering dirt and soil. After washing, cut off the caps from vegetables along with ponytails, but just a few, just a few millimeters. Scrub the pulp with the seeds with a teaspoon, but do not discard, but put in a separate bowl. After all these manipulations, you should get a tomato hollow inside the basket. Important: Be careful and do not damage the skin of vegetables, because the filling will simply flow out through small holes. And there was a little trick, namely, now you need to dry the tomatoes, for this, turn them over and put the cut down on disposable paper towels. Cut the pulp of the tomato into small cubes.

Step 2: prepare the filling.

Cut the ham into small cubes or thin strips, depending on your desire. Cheese can also be simply cut into very small pieces, but it’s better to grate it.
Place all prepared ingredients in a deep bowl and add the pulp of a tomato there. Salt and pepper to taste, and then mix everything, distributing the spices. Leave some cheese in a separate bowl.

Step 3: bake tomatoes stuffed with ham and cheese.

Set the oven to warm up 180 degrees Celsius. At this time, grease a heat-resistant baking sheet with a small amount of vegetable oil and put dried tomato baskets in it. Place a stuffing into the cavity of vegetables with a tablespoon, and sprinkle the stuffed tomatoes with the remaining cheese on top, in the process of preparation, it forms a delicious cap on top. Put the baking tray in the oven to bake on 15-20 minutes. Once the specified time has passed, remove everything from the oven and immediately proceed to serve the dishes on the table.

Step 4: serve tomatoes stuffed with ham and cheese.

Serve the tomatoes stuffed with ham and cheese hot, do not need any sauce for them, but you can offer some fresh cucumbers or other vegetables as a side dish. Depending on the size of the tomato, you can serve them as a second dish, or as a snack. You must admit that small stuffed cherry tomatoes will look very appetizing on any holiday table. So experiment and surprise, as well as enjoy the taste of vegetables baked under a cheese crust.
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- You can add fresh herbs to the tomatoes stuffed with cheese and ham.

- In general, as a filling for stuffed tomatoes, you can choose almost anything, it can be cottage cheese, fried or canned mushrooms, or just cheese with garlic.

- Instead of ham, you can use regular milk sausages or smoked sausages, depending on your preference.


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