Cherry jam with raspberry merlot

Cherry jam with raspberry merlot

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Wash the fruit and remove the seeds.

In a larger saucepan, boil the water with the sugar.

When the syrup begins to bind, add the fruit and wine. When it swells, it makes a small fire. Remove the formed foam. Then boil, over low heat, until it binds (to test, take a little syrup with a spoon and drain it over a plate, if it does not flow in liquid thread, but makes pearls, it is ready). Extinguish the fire and leave to cool in the pan.

After it has cooled, it forms a film (a sign that it is well bound). Then pour into jars and label.

Note! The jam is kept at room temperature or in a cooler pantry. Usually, in the fridge, it is sweetened. But it is not a problem, because it can be opened again, dipping the jar with jam, without a lid, in a kettle with a little boiled water and left to cool until it opens.

Preparation time: 15min

Cooking time: approx. 40 min

It is obtained: 1 jar of 1 kg

Good appetite!

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Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon, also called Petit-Bouchet, Petit-Cabernet, Vidure or Sauvignon Rouge is a red grape variety, native to France, Bordeaux region, where it is appreciated for its individual properties or in combination with other original varieties. From France, the Cabernet Sauvignon variety has reached all over Europe and the New World (North America-Canada, South America, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand).

Color: The Cabernet Sauvignon grapes are dark red (apparently black), and the wine obtained from this variety is red with medium opacity, for young wines. Barricaded wines darken the red tone, which becomes completely opaque the longer it stays to mature.

Smell: The wines produced from Cabernet Sauvignon have the same aromatic profile of the red varieties grown worldwide. For young wines, the notes of black berries are obvious, and the terroir can also bring notes of spices and vegetables.

The taste: The taste is again influenced by the environment in which the grapes are grown. Although most keep their bouquet of plums, black cherries and berries (blackberries, blueberries), in cold areas the variety also develops vegetable aromas of green bell peppers and asparagus. In areas with medium temperatures, mint, black pepper and eucalyptus appear, and in warm areas jam from various fruits.

Cabernet Sauvignon retains its fruity character, for wines produced only from this variety, and its malleability, in blend with other varieties. The classic blend from the Bordeaux region is incomplete without this variety being blended with Merlot, Cabernet Franc and a few percent of the Malbec, Petit Verdot or Carm & eacuten & egravere varieties.

One of the properties of this variety is the ability to adapt to the conditions offered by oak wood, either during fermentation or in the maturation process in barrels made of oak. Oak wood reduces strong tannins, imprints vanilla aromas and spices and retains organoleptic properties for a long time.

Old Romanian apple varieties

The sweetest Romanian apple varieties (according to pom-fructifer.ro): -Frumos de Voineşti - obtained at the Voinesti Fruit Research Station, in Dâmboviţa County, by crossing the Jonathan and Frumos de Boskoop varieties, in 1953. The peel of the fruit is thin , elastic, oily and has an intense shine Bibliography. Presentation of the varieties approved at SCDP Voinești 2014 External links. At least some of the external links do not meet the inclusion conditions. Links that are irrelevant, redundant, inaccessible, or cannot be considered reliable should be deleted.

Apple varieties - Auriu de Cluj, Florina, Generos, Golden Delicious, Jonagold, Jonathan, Mutsu, Patul, Poinic, Starkrimso Apple varieties: Topaz. It is a variety created in the Czech Republic and successfully introduced in Romania, since 2002. It is of medium vigor and enjoys a constant production. The fruits are medium to large in size, sometimes reaching 200 grams. The pulp is yellow, juicy, aromatic, sweet-sour. Romanian potato varieties: Claudiu. Semi-early variety, with oval tubers, red skin and yellow flesh, the Claudiu variety has a starch content of 11% and a production of 86 tons per hectare. New varieties of Romanian potatoes. Specialists from the Brasov Potato Research Institute are working on several new varieties of Romanian potatoes Cinci VARIETY of recommended hair of Romanian researchers for the establishment of a profitable plantation Roxana Dobre - September 12, 2015 21:38. Share on Facebook. A plantation of Hair is one of the profitable crops that even small farmers can set up. Not at all pretentious and very resistant, hair culture does not. For planting, lighter, warmer soils will be chosen, protected from cold currents, frosts and late frosts. In each garden we must have at least 5-6 hairs. Along with plum, cherry, sour cherry, apricot and peach, hair is a precious fruit species, as its fruits meet taste and nutritional qualities much appreciated by consumers.

Romanian apple varieties with special qualities and flavors

  1. InVigor ® rapeseed seeds are a global success story. Available in Romania, se
  2. People have been engaged in its cultivation since ancient times and, therefore, there are more than 10,000 new varieties, recently known, new or imported from apples! They differ in size, shape, taste of fruit: from bitter, fresh, sour to very sweet, because everyone can choose what they like
  3. Old and tasty apple varieties. Renet de Landsberg is a very fragrant apple variety, like most varieties of Austrian origin. It is obtained by crossing two very old varieties, of a smaller size, and a variety with a larger size and better taste was obtained.
  4. Small varieties have a very high demand for snacks and are considered to have a special taste. Currant tomatoes are extra sweet. 3. Old varieties. Traditional tomato varieties enjoy a delicious renaissance among many ambitious chefs
  5. It blooms early and is partially self-fertile, good pollinator for other varieties, resistant to other diseases and pests, does not require more types of treatments. Characteristics of the fruit: The fruit is large, 55 g, elliptical in shape, with purple-purple skin, covered with blue plum, abundant. Pulp.
  6. The investment in a cherry plantation is of the future, especially if you opt for varieties resistant to the conditions in our country and which manage to offer you a satisfactory production. In Romania, both Romanian and foreign cherry varieties are cultivated, adapted to climatic conditions. and pedological areas. However, for the establishment of an orchard, specialists.
  7. sweet - with a sugar content of over 50 g / l. The most famous Romanian varieties. Even if many wines from Romania are made from famous foreign varieties such as Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonay or Riesling, our country does not lack its own grape varieties.

Apple is a species of plant in the Rosaceae family. This species comprises between 44 and 55 varieties, which appear as trees or shrubs. Their shades differ from green, yellow to red, with different sizes. MORE Romanian walnut varieties with high productivity - other lesser known varieties. The Argesean variety is a vigorous, productive and frost-resistant variety, unlike the others. It has a semi-late flowering, large, ovoid fruits of 24 grams, another addition to the varieties presented above. It ripens in September and has a production.

Romanian tomato seeds Siriana F1 from SCDL Buzau. Siriana F1 tomatoes have a medium maturity, producing the first fruits in about 100 days. The tomatoes are firm, of medium size, the plant can produce between 3 and 5 kg of tomatoes / thread. The hybrid is suitable to be grown in greenhouses, solariums but also in the open field, on the arac - Even if the shape does not give taste and quality, it is a clue. For example, Romanian tomatoes are usually uneven, unlike imported ones, which seem to be pulled through a ring or worked on a lathe. At the same time, old-fashioned tomatoes do not have cylindrical shapes. - The yellow cap is an indicator of fruit sugars Plea for the vine left to die, November 7, 2007, Jurnalul Național Cultivate your values! , June 13, 2007, Jurnalul Național * Newly created varieties at SCDVV Iaș In the present material we present you the most representative plum varieties for the Romanian area. Tuleu gras: it is one of the oldest local varieties of plum, originating from Argeș (Leordeni), a kind of quality standard for the entire variety of plums. The tree, which manages to be grafted on the crocodile, has great vigor, with an inverted-conical crown and skeletal branches with. For any questions, please contact us at: Ing Boja Marieta 0733 925 472 Ing Roman Paula 0725 924 293 Dr.Ing.Roman Marius 0722 519 93

3 varieties of apple that you should already have in the orchard

  1. of apples
  2. Types of wine depending on color. The wines can be red, white or rosé. Red wines come from grape varieties such as: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Shiraz, Malbec. The color of these wines is taken from the skin of the grape and the intensity of the color is related to the time when the must was in contact with this skin.
  3. Old varieties of Romanian tomatoes in research in Timisoara

However, we not only have very good conditions for growing trees and storing fruits so that they ripen naturally, but also varieties created by Romanian researchers. We present you five varieties of Romanian apples spread in almost all areas of the country, in the article HERE Traditional varieties of tomatoes that you can successfully grow. Traditional Hida tomato. There are old peasant tomatoes, which were kept in a peasant family from Cluj county, for about 20-25 years. Classic, garden tomatoes, good for broth. Plants with an indeterminate growth By a happy coincidence, just on the day of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross and Crisovul Viilor (September 14), when the Romans traditionally start picking the vines, appeared the work Old Romanian grape varieties, under the signature of the well-known oenol Trandafiria de Calafat Romanian. It has an indeterminate growth and a medium maturity, mid-season. At maturity, the fruits are pink-pink, and the inside is well defined, with a dense, fleshy pulp and an average amount of seeds. Although in the last 20 years the Romanian market has been practically invaded by imported apples, Romanian varieties are rediscovered. by more and more producers and consumers alike. The quality, the economic value and last but not least the local patriotism recommend these varieties for the internal market and they can be the winning prizes that can save them.

The production in Romania of tomato varieties and hybrids (F1) has a long tradition. Romanian researchers have obtained remarkable results with tomato varieties / hybrids adapted to the pedo-climatic conditions in our country, which have supported for a long time (before 1989) Romanian tomato-tomato exports and are known as red-tasting varieties Romanian apricots Details Category: Fruit trees October 12, 2012 Apricot varieties CAIS (Prunus armeniaca L.), recently created at SCDP Constanta are: ELMAR and OVIDIUS. Elmar. The Elmar apricot variety was created at SCDP Constanţa. Morphological characters. The young shoot shows medium anthocyanin pigmentation at the tip

Store with naturally grown Romanian tomato seeds, directly from the producer. Choose from over 40 varieties of Romanian tomato seeds and you will be delighted by the taste of tomatoes from childhood. All you have to do is add the desired products to the cart, select the payment method and how you want your products to be delivered by mail or express courier. What grape varieties are the most popular in Moldova. Written by Anghelina- Taran March 12, 2018 In recent years, fashion has dictated the world demand for wines from local grape varieties.These wines have become popular in Moldova.Let's try to find out which varieties in our country are the most widespread.White.Feteasca alba. It is an old Romanian variety, present for a long time in culture and well adapted to the climatic conditions in the vineyards of our country.It is the variety that has the largest areas in Romanian viticulture (over 23,000 hectares)

The unparalleled taste of old apples

  • Melba - is one of the oldest varieties in the world produced in the XIX century and is still constantly enjoyed by gardeners delicious juicy fruits. The date of birth of the Melba apple is considered to be 1898. Already the first apples, which gave seedlings of open pollination varieties, such as McIntosh as Canadian breeders [
  • you from old Romanian varieties of vegetables. With great joy, we present the 5th edition of the Se Catalog
  • of fruit trees of native varieties, over a hundred years old and which are on the verge of extinction.
  • The world assortment consists of over 6,500 varieties. In Europe, and therefore in Romania, due to the high susceptibility to diseases and the lack of affinity for grafting on quince, the assortment was reduced to a few dozen varieties. Abbot Fetel: tree of medium vigor, semi-erect bearing, grafted on quince, with intermediate
  • But in order to meet the requirements of fruit production and capitalization, from the multitude of varieties that are currently multiplying in Romania and Europe, we must choose the best ones, adapted to the area. In large plantations, 3-4 varieties are usually chosen. In family plantations, in order to meet the consumption needs of the family, the plum must include a number of 6-7.

apple varieties When it comes to flavor, no hybrid tomato variety can match the flavor of a tomato grown from seeds passed down through the generations in rural areas. The tomatoes from such seeds do not have elegant shapes, they do not shine perfectly in the sunlight, but they have a taste that you will never forget. 12.00 - 18.00, la.

List of Romanian apple varieties - Wikipedia

  • free flowers and vegetables from traditional Romanian varieties. 11 comments. Do you know how old a variety must be to be considered traditional? At least from grandma's time. The selection of varieties began to be made after the Second World War. Also after 1945, the realization of hybrids and genetic modifications began
  • vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers, hot or fatty peppers, grown naturally from Romanian varieties. Over 300 types of se
  • OLD ROMANIAN LIFE VARIETIES by ION M. PUSCA, 2006 WELCOME! Contact: 0727-868-868 | 021-310.07.54. Advanced search . Antiques Antiques UNU. we are a brand. New Log In Account. 0. Shopping cart 0 products - 0. 00 Lei.
  • The fair and apple tasting of old traditional varieties has reached its fourth edition, which will take place this weekend. So, if you want to feel the old-fashioned taste of apples, go to • October 22, 2017, 12.00 - 17.0
  • They are delicious with apples or pears in compote, in crumble tarts or even with potatoes and meat in the most delicious dishes. What are the most delicious and ideal varieties of Romanian quince for the garden? The Golden Quince variety is a variety of quince that has a very large fruit, slightly rounded and pear-shaped. It's a variety.

-Beef Heart Tomatoes (perfectly tasty)! - Romanian Round Tomatoes (large and tasty) -Yellow Cherry Tomatoes (small and sweet) - Red Loboda (healthy, good and in soup and raw) - Spinach - Parsley - Dill - Craite (tagetes patula) - Marigold (calendula officinalis) * Craite and Marigold flowers are good companions, repel pests and help everyone :) Feteasca Regală Feteasca Regală is one of the most known and sought after varieties of wine grapes in Romania. It was discovered after 1920 in Transylvania, near Sighişoara and is supposed to be a hybrid between Feteasca Albă and Grasa de Cotnari (source Ampelografia) This feature is not available right now. Please try again later

Phylloxera was first reported in 1880 in Arad, then it was officially identified in the Kingdom in 1884 in the Dealu Mare vineyard. This moment is important because it meant bringing new, more resistant grape varieties, but also new viticulture techniques Creata (Riesling de Banat) - produces plain or birpati grapes, small-medium size, cylindrical-conical shape, berries densely placed on the clusters, green-yellow skin color, and sometimes golden-yellow, very juicy core. Galbena de Odobesti - high productivity variety, with medium to large grapes, cylindrical-conical, uniaripate and less often biaripati, dense berries p. The fruit is large, globose, colored light blue and covered with a bluish-gray plum. The pulp is non-stick, greenish-yellow, consistent and with a pleasant taste. Ion M. Pusca - Old Romanian grape varieties - is in the stock of the antique book Among the Books. Do you want to buy it? Access this link and place an order online In our country there are about 60 varieties of apples, and depending on the ripening and storage season, they can be summer, winter or autumn. Among the Romanian apple varieties, we distinguish between the old varieties, with tradition, and the newly created ones, obtained as a result of hybridizations.

. What answer did the Commission give? The third edition of the Fair and the tasting of apples from old traditional varieties will take place tomorrow between 12 and 17, at the Cultural Center from Fântânele. In a week, in 30 .. OLX.ro offers you the opportunity to publish free ads for your city and its surroundings. You will easily find on OLX.ro interesting free ads from Bucharest, Ilfov and other cities in the country and you will be able to easily get in touch with those who published them. On OLX.ro you will find jobs, apartments and rooms for rent, used cars and mobile phones at low prices

Old apple varieties. July 17, 2020. They want new and productive apple varieties (July 2020) fruit harvesting, fruit storage, old varieties, fruit growing Previous Article How to know that he is still in love. Next Article Pachymetry - measuring the thickness of the cornea The oldest varieties of apples were exhibited, on Sunday, at the Cultural Center from Fântânele, where, for the second year in a row, the Apple Fair was organized.. In two weeks, the Apple Fair will take place in Sibiel, also at the Cultural Center About 10-15 years ago we noticed that the stalls of apple sellers in the markets are filled with more and more unknown varieties and we were delighted to have where to choose. At the same time, we were finding it more and more difficult to find the varieties of our childhood, and moreover, many hills on our roads through the country, which we knew were apple orchards, began to be. Variety of apples. There are over 7,500 in the world of VARIETY of apples, and in Romania there are almost 60 of VARIETY of apples officially recognized. Among the varieties of apples from Romania can be enumerated: the Royal Apple, originating from Moldova, where the Crest Apple is cultivated the most, originating from Oltenia and Muntenia Mărul Pătul, originating of on the Mureș Valley, cultivated especially in orchards. Red varieties. I was talking about the Black Girl. The wine is dry (rarely semi-dry) has a strength of 12-12.5 degrees, it is intense red with shades of ruby, and the aroma is absolutely special, of black currants. Properly harvested, produced and aged, it becomes an exceptional wine. Băbeasca Neagră is the other old man of Romanian wines. To be found in the south of Moldova.

buy varieties of apples and pears that you no longer find in the current trade, but also nuts, apple must, apple cider vinegar, etc. thus helping to save these old varieties from extinction and to preserve this local genetic richness, you walk around the village of Tagged: the sweetest varieties of Romanian apples. Articles / Benefits Fruits and Vegetables / Home and garden. March 26, 2018 Cucumber oil, an anti-aging agent used since ancient times. Bath oil for hydration and relaxation. Simple and quick recipe. Kalahari watermelon seed oil, an amazing oil for the skin and. GRAPE VARIETIES & lt BACK. • toast and skin (for older wines) green cod, ripe apples and a reduction of balsamic vinegar or mashed potatoes • mousse au Chocolat with dark chocolate, hot peppers, red pepper and apple salt. Old Romanian vine varieties - Ion M. Pusca. Author: Ion. M. Pusca Publisher: Adevarul Holding Condition: Very good Year of publication: 2015 Traditions and experience of vine culture in the Arad area - Alexandru Mihalca, Emil Lazea.

establishment of orchards of old, regional varieties, grafted on hardy rootstocks. • Old apple varieties, such as Pătul or Poinic apple, are known to be rich in vitamin C. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. • Some varieties are recommended for people suffering from diabetes and are also tolerated by It is among the most productive varieties of strawberries obtaining yields exceeding 25 t / ha and one of the 10 varieties of strawberries that bear fruit all year round. Queen. A vigorous variety with numerous stolons and extra-early harvesting in the first decade of May. It is quite resistant to drought and frost, but sensitive to diseases. In Romania, almost 10,000 hectares of garlic are cultivated (approximately 4% of the area occupied by vegetables), with a yield of 5.5 to / ha, especially in the counties: Botosani, Dolj, Iasi, Mehedinti, Suceava, Teleorman and Timis. In our country, several Romanian varieties of garlic are cultivated. More & gt & gt

Apple varieties - Florina, Generos, Golden Delicious

  1. It is one of the oldest apple varieties cultivated in Romania, since 1970. Varieties with ripening in September: Auriu de Bistrita, Generos, Golden Spur, Mutzu, Parmen auriu, Rebra. Auriu de Bistrita is a variety that ripens between September 1-10. The fruits are beautifully colored in golden yellow, slightly pink on the sunny side, with aroma.
  2. News and information about apple varieties. Information, articles, pictures and videos about apple varieties
  3. at TOP-10 of the first ten grape varieties, which occupy the largest area in the country
  4. Varieties of Romanian Black Cherries from Bistrita. They are also called bitter cherries. The fruits are black, the flesh is semi-stony, their taste is bitter. Early from Bistrita. The cherries are of medium size, have a reddish shape, the dark red color reaching black, at full maturity
  5. The sweetest VARIETYofapplesRomanian - Jonagold. The Transylvanian variety produces fruit of medium size, spherical shape. The skin of the apples is yellow, oily, covered with red dots, and the flesh is of fine texture, juicy and very sweet and aromatic

Apple varieties: the best and most productive for a business

The variety has the pleasure of being very old, being kept by that family for several generations. It is a variety with undetermined growth with good productivity and resistance to drought and disease as only the old varieties have. The tomatoes are medium in size, sweet and sour, fragrant. 1 envelope contains 60 seeds For any order, which exceeds 100 lei, there will be at least one bonus and for. Therefore, in Samburesti you will find not only the most famous international varieties, varieties for which Samburesti has gained fame, but also the oldest and noblest Romanian varieties. Feteasca Regala is a pure Romanian wine, the result of the natural crossing (free pollination made by wind and insects) between two Romanian varieties. The best varieties of apples for the climate in Romania. 1. The Frumos de Voinesti variety is a variety of great vigor, with a sweet taste and discreet aroma, with a crunchy pulp in shades of cream-white. The variety has a very attractive appearance. For this reason it is highly valued on the market. Not to mention gus The wine varieties grown in Romania include both local grape varieties and internationally renowned varieties. Feteasca Alba is a traditional and old Romanian variety, from which dry or semi-dry wines are manufactured, with moderate alcohol content, recognized especially for the fineness of the taste.

Romanian potato varieties: the best varieties as

Romanian melons 240x320 190x190 683x911 Now we know one and good, almost all melons are the same and in our borderless nonsense we began to believe that they have other seeds better than us, whatever the Romanian varieties of tomatoes obtained in Buzau are suitable both solarium culture and field culture. Buzau researchers have in their portfolio both cherry tomatoes and classic varieties of Romanian tomatoes, early, semi-early and semi-late Romanian tomato seeds Buzau 1600. Buzau 1600 tomatoes are intended for growers who want undetermined tomatoes, to grow them on the arac , both in the field and in the protected culture in solariums. Tomatoes are large, fleshy, and very tasty. Their average weight is around 200 - 250 grams. In our country there are almost 60 varieties of officially recognized apples, some local, others from abroad, but with deep roots in our country. Depending on the ripening season, apples can be it summer, winter or autumn. Among the Romanian apple varieties, we distinguish between the old, traditional varieties, which grow for hundreds of years in old orchards, and the newly created ones, obtained later. Online store of old, rare, collectible wines, award-winning Romanian wines, a range of professional accessories for serving wine, corks, carafes, decanters, glasses, aerators, gift sets, specialty books. www.vinuridecolectie.ro is the expression of a new approach to the concepts of 'Wine Market', 'Collection of old wines' and especially 'collection wines'

Five hair varieties recommended by Romanian researchers

old Romanian grape varieties It left at the end of August September 6, 2018 September 6, 2018 Vinul.ro. He left at the end of August, when the wine people are in the middle of the harvest worries. He knew these worries well, being himself a man of the Book about wines HARVEST YEAR: 2018. REGION / COUNTRY: CRISANA - TRANSYLVANIA / ROMANIA. VARIETY / VARIETIES: PINOT NOIR. VOL. ALC .: 11%. RED WINE WINE. Because variety is the essence of life, the TARLA project gathered from representative producers, the best plots of vineyards planted with established varieties, uneven or perfectly adapted to the Romanian terroir, from which a series of blends were created. Romanian vegetable seeds, Romanian tomato seeds, Romanian tomato varieties Summer, autumn and winter pears - the main varieties and their characteristics. In our lands, the hair culture is very old, being known since the time of the Dacians, a fact attested by the numerous existing varieties as well as by the rich toponyms related to this fruit.

Zoning of pear varieties in Romania - Pestr

INTACT Publishing House: Year of publication 2010: Author: Ion M.Pusca: Book title: Old Romanian grape varieties: Price 18 le Apple Fair in Fântânele and Sibiel, with varieties up to 200 years old. 12:10:57. Pregnant young woman injured in a car accident. 08:07:17. The MTB triad returns this weekend The royal varieties of apples and pears have always been in great demand. In fairy tales we are told: from the lush garden of the powerful emperor, in place of honor was an apple that made golden apples. Certainly, in those ancient times, a single shoot of a variety tree, traditionally, was very valuable and difficult to plant and grow. How does a researcher want to save Romanian apples. A researcher from the Salaj city of Jibou wants to save Romanian apples. It travels through the country and gathers branches and seeds of fruit trees from varieties that are over a hundred years old and are on the verge of extinction.

Romanian grape varieties -BASF Romani

Romanian apple varieties Radaseni, Ardelean, Ancuta, Delia, Frumos de Voinesti, Delicios de Voinesti, Idared. I am selling fruit trees and old apples, new discoveries. January 9, 2019 January 11, 2019 Laurentiu Ciornei Posted in Blog Tagged Malus, Piraster. Dozens of unrecorded varieties of apples and pears, previously considered unique to Wales, have been discovered by Welsh researchers Hiking trails Cycling trails Winter sports Extreme sports Water sports Fishing Horse riding Spa and wellness Unique experiences adventure Air sports Rent a bik For those who want to set up a walnut orchard, it is good to know that there are about 24 Romanian walnut varieties, obtained by hybridization and selection of local biotypes. Walnut varieties obtained at SCDP Iasi: Ovidiu - is a variety of walnut of medium strength, resistant to drought and frost. The nuts are large, oval-elongated, rounded at the ends

45 varieties of apples: summer, autumn and winter, sweet and early

About Romanian vineyards and vine varieties! May 21, 2020 Agricultural Daily News, Technologies and agricultural solutions. Romanian viticulture has started to develop since ancient times, some historians even considering that the first vine was planted in Romania before the first grains of wine varieties - prices and offers Notify me when news about wine varieties appear. Clubafaceri.ro Alerts OK. Alerts are emails that are sent for free depending on your preferences. They contain both updates and news about the products and keywords you want

Local: In Solca almost a hundred varieties of apple and pear

Seeds were collected from gardeners in Dâmboviţa, Olt, Cluj and other areas of the country and over 1,500 varieties of vegetables were rehabilitated, including 1,000 varieties of old tomatoes, local populations cultivated by peasants from generation to generation, but which have never been registered in the official catalog. Romanian vegetable varieties that many are looking for and few still cultivate I thought to approach this topic because there are many requests for Romanian vegetable seeds, many of them being found only at the gene bank or a few old farmers who au stiut sa le pastreze dar care nu mai au o denumire anume Sortimentul de cires in tara noastra cuprinde soiuri romanesti si straine adaptate diverselor zone de cultura, care se esaloneaza de la inceputul lunii mai si pana dupa jumatatea lunii iulie. In Romania, vechiul sortiment la cires a fost imbunatatit continuu, odata cu introducerea in cultura a unor soiuri straine si autohtone valoroase, ca si. Va prezentam cateva din cele mai cultivate varietati (hibrizi F1, soiuri) de tomate rosii: Siriana (2006), Işalniţa 29 (2009), Işalniţa 50 (2010), Buzău 50 (2008), Buzău 1600 (2009), Argeş 11 (2012), etc. Seminte de tomate Romanesti. Prekos Precos - principala tomata rosie cultivata in Romania. Seminte produse de.

Cele mai căutate soiuri de roșii METRO Cash& Carry Romani

7Vin alb, demidulce, un asamblaj a la Tarnave, din soiuri bine aclimatizate si cu origini germanice. Vin compozit, sofisticat, Gewurztraminer are o consistenta uleioasa. Dulceata este cea a vinului pastrat in butoi, care, o data turnat in pahare, capata o culoare galben-aurie intensa si un gust discret de mere coapte si coaja de nuca Fetească Neagră, Soiuri de struguri. Feteasca Neagră, Soi romanesc. Soi autohton, aflat de multă vreme în cultură pe suprafeţe însemnate în partea de sud a Moldovei şi în zona de est a Munteniei

Pomi Fructiferi, Soiuri Prun - Pepiniera Tovis

Are o inaltime de 2 m, creste drept , florile sunt albe, roz sau rosii, inalte si parfumate. II. Grupa trandafirilor pentru rabate . Trandafirii Polyantha cuprind soiuri de talie mica sau mijlocie, cu flori mici sau mijlocii, simple sau duble, de diferite culori, in general neparfumate Soiul il au de la un cunoscut al lor dintr-un sat vecin, in gradina caruia s-ar afla si Mere Glbene. Sigur ca am trimis rugaminte si pentru aceasta varietate, dar inca n-am primit-o. Deocamdata insa, sa ne bucuram de Merele Rosii. N-am vazut inca un mar de peste 600 de grame, desi nu exclud asta Soi cu crestere semideterminata, productiv, cu fructe rosii de 150-200 gr. obtinut de la o batranica din zona Dorohoiului. Se pastreaza bine 8 - 10 zile dupa recoltare. Fructifica la 65-70 zile de la plantare. Continut cca.150 seminte. Germinatie: minim 70%. Valabilitate: 202

10 soiuri românești de cireș pentru înființarea unei

In Romania, se cultiva atat soiuri romanesti de cirese, cat si soiuri straine, adaptate conditiilor climatice si pedologice ale zonei in care se cultiva. Maturarea incepe din 10 mai pana in 15-20 iulie. Romania este printre primele tari din Europa la productia de cirese. Cea mai mare parte din productia de cirese a Romaniei, peste 70%, este. Vechi soiuri romanesti de vita de vie - Ion M. Pusca - TargulCartii.ro. Cumparam Viniluri Noutati Reduceri Sub 3 lei Sub 5 lei Categorie Literatura Bibliofilie Carti pentru copii Arta si Arhitectura Dictionare, Cultura, Educatie Istorie si etnografie Stiinta si tehnica Spiritualitate Hobby si ghiduri Carti in limba straina Altel

Ion M. Pusca - Vechi soiuri romanesti de vita de vie EDITURA TIPOGRAFIA INTACT, 2006 Nr. pag. 23 Vand mere idared, golden, remar, bot de iepure. Sirop de zmeura 100% natural, producator agricol VAND SEMINTE SELECTIONATE TOMATE 150 SOIURI PURE DE ORIGINE ROMANESTI SI STRAIN Există soiuri de măr de vară - merele pot fi păstrate doar câteva zile, soiuri de măr de toamnă - pot fi folosite la conserve, rețete și păstrate până la începutul iernii și soiuri de iarnă - merele rezistă lejer până în mai. Aici: schema de tratamente și lucrări la măr. Mărul intră pe rod la 2-3 ani de la plantare Oferte produse si servicii: mere romanesti. Producatori, distribuitori, furnizori - Mere romanesti, Mere soiuri nobile , Seminte romanesti de legume- PRODUCATOR Acasa Produse noi Cum cumpar Cosul meu (0 produse) Produse recomandate. ROSII TARANESTI - 150 sem. Soi foarte gustos care ori cit ar fi de batrin ramane tot verde. Se poate. 10,00 RON Adauga in cos . Categorii CATEGORIA 1 - tomate (10) CATEGORIA 2 - alte legume (19) Tag-uri.

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